Genucel shares advice on keeping skin healthy in the summer season

Genucel is a company that makes skin-care products for consumers with different packages that can be ordered directly from their site. Some of them include plant-based stem cell treatments to protect the skin. They have also been rated an A from The Better Business Bureau. Genucel has its own blog on with one article that shares tips for keeping skin healthy throughout the summer. The company has some skin care products that can help keep skin healthy. The article introduces that today there are better sunscreen products to guard against damage from the sun and that those older people aged 55 and older need to be careful with their skin. The first tip that it shares for healthy looking skin is drinking plenty of water. Not only does it help with digestion, but it powers the organs in the body and kickstarts the day for everyone.

The article credits that water gives the skin a healthy kind of youthful glow. One of the items they suggest that they sell is the Genucel XV, which is a moisturizing cream. The next tip is applying an SPF to the body and face at the start of the day to make sure to not receive damage from the sun that can cause wrinkles. They also recommend that people wash their face twice a day as particles, pollution, smoke, and food can get on their face. Genucel offers products that can target a specific area of the face such as under the eyes to prevent wrinkles. The brand has products that can target the jaw and under the eyelids to nourish and hydrate the skin. Deterioration can happen over time with aging. Lastly, Genucel recommends that people stay out of the sun for a long time as a lot of exposure can increase the likelihood of skin cancer. Our bodies obtain vitamin D from the sun, but too much of it can cause burns and wrinkles. People can choose to purchase products to limit the suns rays with SPF sunglasses or with hats.  For more details about Genucel visit

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