Fortress Investment Group Reports A Successful First Year After Its Sale To Softbank

Fortress Investment Group is a global asset manager based out of New York, New York. The firm went public in 2007, and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This event took place nine years after Fortress was launched in 1998. Fortress Investment Group made history as being the first organization in its class to enter into the IPO process.

The principals of Fortress Investment Group possess a broad range of expertise, and the company has been an innovative leader from the start. The organization was sold to Softbank in December of 2017. The existing executive leaders continue to run the operations of the multinational firm. Two of the original founders and principals of Fortress, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, work in the NYC headquarters. Pete Briger, also a principal, works out of the San Francisco, California office. The organization has offices in other major cities, including Singapore, London and Tokyo. Softbank paid $3.3 billion for the organization.

Two of the many areas of investment interest at Fortress Investment Group are private equity and real estate. The firm also has holdings in sectors such as transportation, telecommunications, energy, and technology. Uber, Sprint and Alibaba are amongst the many companies in its portfolio of the Vision Fund. The company has a stake in a project that will result in the world’s largest solar energy fund. The project is underway in Saudi Arabia. The head of the Vision Fund is India-born Rajeev Misra. He was previously a financier at Fortress before he joined Softbank approximately five years ago. Mr. Misra is currently a member of the board of directors.

The management of Fortress has been setting new trends for over 20 years. The firm manages billions of dollars in alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group has more than 1,750 clients around the world. The headquarters of Softbank are located in Japan. The CEO of the organization is Masayoshi Son.

A Year of Monumental Change at Fortress Investment Group

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