Entrepreneurship Success Tips From Marc Sparks

Each time I read or hear the name Marc Sparks, I think of nothing else, but successful entrepreneurship. This serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist is among the few people who have made me believe in success. Not only does he believe in the potential of other people, but also, he actively participates in helping interested parties to make their dreams a reality. Outside the world of business, Marc is a philanthropist.

Marc Sparks was born in 1960 in Baltimore. He grew up in Cleveland and St. Louis. His career journey started in Ohio at Canton Symphony Orchestra. He served as an Associate Principal Flute. He is still teaching at DePaul School of Music and has so far recorded two albums in collaboration with Clinton Adams, a pianist.

A resident of Dallas Texas, Marc Sparks attributes his success in entrepreneurship to his faith, passion, and hard work. He has a compassionate side that believes in treating people with respect and honesty. According to him, this attitude is one of the surest tickets to the land of success.

Contrary to the opinion of many people, Marc is not highly educated. His highest academic certification is a high school diploma. However, this does not discredit the importance of obtaining a college education. Instead, it goes to show that anyone can make it in life as an entrepreneur, irrespective of his or her education background.

Over time, he has recruited a pool of experts in fields such as media, public relations and research from various agencies and local organizations. His global mindset saw the formation and continued operations of his company; Timber Creek Capital. The company specializes in venture capital and funds start-up businesses. He also offers stellar expertise advice that has seen dozens of organizations stand on their feet. There couldn’t be any nobler gesture than this.

Some of the companies that Marc has dealt with include Global Tec Solutions, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, and Cobalt Real Estate Services. He has experienced tremendous success in all of them. Sparks has faced failures too, but it did not stop him from venturing into more and more businesses. Instead, he finds a reason to pick up his pieces and move forward.

His ability to remain enthusiastic, energetic and active even in the toughest times is admirable. Marc book “They Can’t Eat you,” Spark highlights the story behind his success in business and also provides useful advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who are on the verge of giving up.

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