Earth Day 2019 with Sharon Prince and Grace Farms

For Earth Day 2019, Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have some special things in store for their community. People who have visited and of course those who work there love the atmosphere at Grace Farms. It has been described as “serene” and “beautiful” by those who have been there. It is absolutely an experience like no other. The scenic backdrop and surprising wonders make for a unique, one of a kind experience that people will not forget any time soon.

Sharon Prince and the expert staff at Grace Farms look to bring people together from all walks of life in order to inspire introspection and conversation, among other positive things that they feel can impact people who experience it for the better. Grace Farms looks to open up opportunities for community engagement, activity, education, and inspiration. Earth Day remains a highlight each and every year at Grace Farms as the staff sees it as a wonderful chance to help accomplish their overall mission. This year for Earth Day, Grace Farms looks to educate people on how important and necessary it is to restore the wilderness and provide the best possible living experience for animals in the wild. Other talking points expect to include maintaining ecosystems, maintaining infrastructures and more.

In a collaborative effort with The Nature Conservancy, for Earth Day 2019 Grace Farms looks to invite individuals to participate in discussions and informational sessions led by experts as well as family related activities and other programming specifically to celebrate the day. Visitors are invited from 10am to 6pm and excitement in the community is very high. Sharon Prince Grace Farms and Grace Farms look to maintain the success that they have had. Many view what they are doing as very positive and it will he people will definitely look for other special events they hold in the future.

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