Dr. Saad Saad: Enlightening the Masses with Proven Professional Advice

Within life there are a great percentage of people who usually don’t end up becoming the career professionals they dreamed of being as children. Yet on the other hand, there is the smaller percentage of people who do and Dr. Saad Saad happened to be one of them. At an early age, Dr. Saad possessed the wisdom to realize that he didn’t want to go about life making careless decisions that would cost him both the time and the opportunity to become someone great. Indeed, failed successes are generally either the result of the mismanagement of time or the lack of motivation to commit to a goal or both. Moreover, in addition to the inbred intelligence he acquired from his parents and his first-hand experience of the hardships of manual labor he suffered from during the 1960s, Dr. Saad formed the determination to never want to settle for less and began creating his own opportunities to eventually become a world-renowned pediatric surgeon.


Certainly, to even have the opportunity to grant oneself with limitless opportunities, Dr. Saad understood that he would have to be meticulous in his pursuit of a thorough education—the most primary building block for success. Of the three professional fields of medicine, engineering, and teaching that he and his seven other siblings chose to pursue, Saad found the field of medicine to be most fulfilling for personal growth. Having grown up in Kuwait, he chose to leave his country to go to Egypt where he enrolled at the Cairo University School of Medicine as a medical student. He graduated from the school as the Salutatorian of his class with his medical degree. After which, he took it upon himself to go to England to complete his internship and then relocated to the United States where he then finished his residency. Furthermore, upon completing his residency he passed board exams to become board-certified to practice pediatric medicine whereby he primarily serviced within the state of New Jersey.


But it wasn’t just the feat of becoming board-certified that set him apart from other doctors with the title of being world-renowned, it was his deep commitment and genuine desire to improve the well-being of others that enabled him to be so. Upon establishing his practice in New Jersey, Dr. Saad quickly progressed to being masterful at his medical talents whereby he performed over 1000 complex surgical operations on children who ranged in age from infants to teenagers. His honorary history of services, achievements, and awards over the course of his career include having privately cared for the Saudi Arabian royal family in the 80s, being awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine for his several medical missions to the region, inventing 2 life-saving medical devices, and being promoted to both the positions of Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director at the Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ.


Undoubtedly, Dr. Saad’s success proves that life is not all about what you are given, but what you make it and how disciplined you are to upholding certain basic principles. According to Dr. Saad, he not only attributed his prosperity to being educated, but to also having made a promise to himself to not waste time by being as productive as possible everyday. To achieve success, he advises everyone to never postpone goals for the next day if you can achieve them today, nor be the person who will live their life in regret because they chose to settle for less.

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