Dr. Johanan Rand comes up with the Aging Remedy

Do you miss the energy and vigour of your youth? The days when you used to run around without breaking your bones. Do not worry, Dr. Johana Rand has a solution to your aging problems. He has had a breakthrough on how you can relive your youth in your old age


What Specifically does Dr. Johanan Rand Treat?


Dr. Johanan Rand does not make you young. He helps you deal with age-related conditions that are difficult to handle in old age. Some of the states are Fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia sweating at night and low libido that comes with age.


And How does he Treat them


Dr. Johanan Rand uses anti-aging therapies, regenerative medical treatments, and programs for weight loss to help you deal with age-related conditions. Rand discovered the Anti-Aging Therapy by observing the hormones in your body. Human beings have good and bad hormones in the body. Young people have more of good hormones like DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and human growth hormone. When people grow older, the bad hormones like cortisol and insulin increase in the bloodstream causing old age conditions.


How does Dr. Johanan Rand reduce the bad hormones related to aging?


Some quack doctors have advised their patients to use synthetic hormones which involves injecting yourself with good hormones which are artificial. Rand uses ‘bioidentical hormones” which are chemically identical to the right hormones in the body. This hormone is safer than the synthetic hormones.


This is how you Know the cure for Aging is working


Patients who get the Bioidentical hormone have increased the amount of energy, an increased amount of stamina, fewer diagnoses of cancer, lower cholesterol levels and fewer incidences of heart disease. You get the feeling and energy you had when you were younger. The youthful stamina and happiness come back.


If the cure is found, then why diet and exercise?


As people grow old, there is unnecessary weight gain which results in heart conditions. The doctor recommends the HCG diet which has low carry and suppresses the appetite. You will lose weight and remain healthy. He also recommends eating a healthy balanced diet and exercise along with hormones to achieve more significant results.


Key Takeaway


The Bioidentical hormone does not make you younger but treats the conditions that come with old age by reducing bad hormones that cause aging.