Bruno Fagali: The Man behind the Transformed Legal Services in Brazil

Most people across the world applaud the Brazilian transformed legal system. However, hardly do some people take time to think about the legal experts and lawyers who have been behind the conspicuous transformation they see. If lawyers like Bruno Fagali didn’t participate in making the Brazilian legal world what it is today, many countries and people would not have known much about Brazil. Bruno is among the most fanatical lawyers with inestimable experience and knowledge in the law matters. He has shown unmatched dexterity in all the cases he has handled. Most clients consider him a lawyer with excellent legal services in Brazil. Learn more about Fagali at Fagali Advocacia.

Bruno knows a lot when it comes to Advertising Law and Electoral Law. Moreover, he has immeasurable knowledge in Administrative Law, Anti-corruption Law, Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Law, and Urban Law. Any client who approaches him with a case in any of these legal faculties knows they are in for a positive outcome. Professionals with incalculable knowledge of something are highly esteemed in the society. From the way Bruno Fagali handles his cases, it’s evident he studied at a prominent law school. He was at Sao Paulo University where he got a sturdy education background. Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has handled many legal cases and hardly has he lost any.

If you happen to go to Brazil and mention the name “Bruno Fagali,” many people there would easily identify with who you are talking about. His name is a Brazilian household. He currently works at Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager. Bruno has a private law firm from where he undertakes private practice. Business Law and Ethics have several advertising and ethic activities that require professional coordination. Bruno is one of those who ever handled such activities professionally.

The Business Integrity Program didn’t exist before Bruno came up with it. After creating and managing this program, Bruno Fagali handed it over to the Control, Supervision, and Transparency Ministry in the country. He is an expert when it comes to the Public Interest Communication matters. When certain international organizations had some advertising competitions, Bruno’s agency was privileged to participate in this. It’s not easy to erase the foreign and national recognition he has received so far.



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