Bruno Fagali- The Brazilian Attorney Who Revolutionized The Practice

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession, and holds a bachelor’s degree in law, which he acquired in 2009. He went to Pontifical Catholic University, and finished his masters in the same institution. He speaks English, and Spanish and is known as a no nonsense lawyer. He holds his head high, and proudly represents his clients. He has done a good job in his profession, and won several cases.

Background look

Bruno Fagali lives in Brazil, where he counsel clients on many matters, and also represents clients in the country. His experience and education background enables Bruno Fagali to get clients who are willing to pay for him to represent them. Fagali specializes in administrative law, ethics, regulatory law, and urban law. He also participates in procurement cases in the public domain. He has an office in San Paulo, where he acts as a corporate manager. He is passionate about what he does, and clients see it when he represents them. Experience has opened doors for Fagali in Brazil and beyond.


Fagali is also part of the corporate compliance community, and ethics. Whenever he is speaking in a court, he is impeccable. His vast knowledge in legal matters makes him a tough rival in legal proceedings. Fagali provides thorough consultations with clients, and this enables him to discuss cases, brainstorming ideas to come up with strategies, and answers to possible court questions. Bruno Fagali holds a post at CIM in the advertising firm where his mission is to come up with corporate identity for the company. He launched his practice in 2016, to deal with public, electoral, and corruption cases. There are many lawyers in Brazil, but few can match Bruno Fagali’s experience and zeal in the courtroom. He created the Fagali Advocacy to help clients with legal matters. He is respected for his integrity and professionalism in the profession. His knowledge in anti-corruption law keeps him ahead of his colleagues. He interned in several law firms before finding his footing. He was also an attorney in Radi and Assocacia before launching his company. He a member of several law groups in Brazil, and continues to inspire many.

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