Brad Reifler Leads Veterans Cause Donation

Brad Reifler has founded and ran many companies, and now he is doing more than financial work, he is doing great work on the ground helping every day people. It’s not so common that a financial expert takes the time for his firm to give money to an organization, but that is happening here, and it is a great burst of fresh air, especially with the way the economy is going. Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital, which is a firm that handles money from high net worth individuals and organizations.

Reifler did found his original company back in 1982, then created Reifler Capital Management, where he lead the sales desk and brought in major accounts from institutions and people with a lot of money to trade.

He dealt with international derivatives, the foreign exchange market, and more. His success was apparent and many people in the space followed him around to work with and for him and learn his techniques and genius with financial trading. Brad Reifler is highly educated, receiving a degree from Bowdoin college, which is an accredited school in the U.S.

Bloomberg has it that Brad Reifler wanted to get to work donating to charity with his firm recently, so he put up $3 million, a large sum, to the Seals Dixon center. This center has a community around it that helps military veterans all around the country and locally.

They help them with health services, employment, education, and taking care of some other basics. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler says he is proud and excited to be mentioned with the cause, as it is great PR for the company and helps with tax obligations, which he can pass on to his clients in terms of savings.

A number of services will be included under the $3 million given. Special education for particular jobs and getting access to medical assistance available nowhere else are a few of the things available. This kind of philanthropy is rare indeed in the powerful world of finance.

Luckily, one such firm like Brad Reifler and his Forefront Capital team are changing the game and giving back to those who are truly in need.

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