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‘The bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ were, no doubt, popular shows on ABC, but have you thought of the minds behind the series? One of these is Bennett Graebner; the executive producer. He is a renowned television guru who has produced for several other TV shows. Graebner currently lives in Los Angeles, California but originally born in Buffallo, New York. He was recently interviewed about one of his latest works; ‘Love at first Kiss’ (Metacritic).

Asked about what this TV show is all about, Graebner explains that the show revolves around two strangers who happen to kiss and are looking at what happens from that point. The main point is to portray what would usually happen to two people who may not necessarily be each other’s type. With the kiss in place, these people are trying to realize themselves in terms of how they will get on from here in terms of their attraction to each other. Basically, the show tries to match two people intellectually and emotionally rather than dwelling on physical attraction. That´s how Bennett achieved to withdraw all America´s attention

Graebner notes that in case each of these two likes the first kiss, then a two-minute speeds date is arranged. If they decide to go on from here, then a real date is put in place where it will be up to them to decide on the continuation of their attraction. According to Bennett Graebner´s adaptations, in case any of them feels uncomfortable about the whole situation, they are free to withdraw at any point.

Asked about where the idea of the show came from, Graebner reckoned that this was bought from the Dutch. He credits the Dutch for their crazy ideas that have seen them come up with interesting shows. Bennett Graebner produced The Bachelor and the Bachelorette before, Graebner was asked how these shows compare. He notes that basically, they are all about people looking for love. However, the main difference is that for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the audience gets to follow the characters over a couple of months as they go about cultivating their love. For the First Kiss, however, everything is quick and is more like the speed date version of the other two.

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