A Growing Company Needs a Better Workforce, says CEO Angela Koch

Like companies in any industry, those working with precious metals worried about how to invest their resources. Should be in real estate? Acquisitions? At the US Money Reserve, CEO Angela Koch believes there’s no better investment then employees they can help grow a company.

Since 2001, the US Reserve has worked to maintain a reputation as a trusted distributor precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. From their headquarters in Texas, this company receives precious metals issued by the US federal government. In under 20 years, half a million investors have turned to them to bolster their investment portfolios. Koch wants that number to increase.

The precious metals industry is run by sales organizations. Confining employees within the limitations of their position is the norm, and Koch goes against this workplace philosophy. As a leader she is intent on educating her employees about the state of their industry and the company itself.

Regardless of time or station, Koch once everyone to operate their systems, know the business inside and out, and take that knowledge to best service customer needs.

Being CEO has taught Koch the need to develop employees to the point where there are competent enough to manage the daily business without executive intervention. Doing that meant looking beyond revenue and center her focus on her workforce. This, she envisions, is one of the greatest factors and company growth. Succeed here, and revenue will follow.

When Koch began working, she had no expectations that one day she would sit at the top of a big company. A young mother without a complete college education, Koch entered the general workforce without many prospects. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 – Manta.com

Soon she learned that limited life experience and no formal education to show made it difficult for her to cover all of her expenses. But while she was unsatisfied put her jobs, Koch was determined to excel.

No matter the industry or size of the company, Koch had a lot expected of her. No matter how much there was to do, she was sure is she could advance her position. She invested time in learning everything there was about the jobs she took. By doing so, she collected information necessary to help her move up to better positions.

Koch was routinely unsatisfied but the jobs she held, the through her analysis she gained more than just work experience. It’s how she went from working two to three jobs at a time to running the US Money Reserve.

Now that she is in charge, Koch has made it her responsibility to provide those same tools to her employees. From the top down, a culture of inclusivity and broader communication, has allowed to company the harvest data from every department. This opens the door to every employee wanting to improve their performance and understanding of the business.

The benefit, for Koch, is a workforce that can operate without constant oversight, freeing up executives focus on company expansion. Employees benefit from this as well. This investment can help them move up in the company, or succeed in a career in another field.

As the company works on growing, Koch hopes that her investment what make individual employees more confident and their decisions, refine skills into strengths, learn how to best work in a team, and maintain balance between work and their personal lives. The end result, are employees who reject the concept of excuses and instead put in the effort into serving more investors.

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