4 Reasons Why Don Deere’s Makeup Is On Top

Lime Crime Is For The Youtube Generation

Doe Deere rose to fame during the mid 2000s. During this time startups like Youtube and Facebook were just beginning to bud into the giants we see today. She was perfectly able to see this trend early on and decided to capitalize on it. Today web celebrities in the makeup world are essentially the norm, but before Doe Deere it simply wasn’t a thing. She’s a true trail blazer in her own right.



No Animals Are Harmed In The Process

While Doe Deere is an incredible business leader, but that doesn’t mean she lacks ethics or interest in charitable causes. Nothing is more important to Deere than the plight of animals. The well being of creatures unable to defend themselves is something Lime Crime stands up for and it shows in the makeup’s production. No animals are ever harmed during the production of Lime Crime makeup, but the commitment to animal welfare goes beyond the Do No Harm principle. Deere is also an active supporter of charities that contribute to animal rights.



Doe Deere Reaches Out To Her Crowd

The key to the success of Lime Crime is the social media campaign Deere has successfully ran. As a Millennial woman she understands the importance of social media in our daily lives. This is why Deere maintains a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, and even Vine to keep her followers away of the latest news about her products. Although Lime Crime has plenty of natural appeal, Deere didn’t go as far as she has by shying away from the public. She is constantly tweeting and taking selfies to remind her fans of why they buy her lipstick so much.



Doe Deere Always Has New Ideas

Despite 8 years in the business Doe Deere hasn’t run out of new ideas for her brand. New mascara blends and mascaras are always released every year. This success comes from Doe Deere’s childhood ambitions. Ever since she was a small child Deere has always valued bright colors and expressing her creativity. As an adult she never allowed herself to give up on that dream and kept pursuing it.


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