2016 Female Entrepreneur Of The Year A Sure Win For 2017

Doe Deere, is the name behind the famous Lime Crime cosmetics line and has extended her unconventional way of thinking about colors to create a popular hair dye collection. That’s right, LC is offering their users the benefits of choosing to be a part of the color revolution with their hair and beauty products. Girls and guys everywhere are encouraged to find the unicorn deep inside of them and choose their color statement. Feeling completely unapologetic about the colors that you choose by going with LC products. Unicorn offers their users a choice of thirteen rich colors that come in a full 700 ml jar that includes one application or two touch ups.


Lime Crime is known for their LEAP Bunny approved hypoallergenic products and their Unicorn hair dye collection that comes without bleach or ammonia contents. You have the benefits of using a hair dye that is safe for your hair and won’t strip you of your natural luster. They still offer the completely all natural cruelty-free products that their customers are use to. Get super cool colors that are hard to find with their competitors. Choose to go permanent, semi, or tint your hair with the new Unicorn hair dye collection. Get vibrant colors like Metallic or sorbet that are unheard of with their competitors.


Doe Deere, is a successful marketing analyst and computer specialist. She got her start at the tender age of thirteen by marketing her temporary tattoo products to her friends in Russia. She later moved to New York City and discovered the benefits of design school and how it could help her pioneer her Lime Crime cosmetics line. Shortly after, receiving her certification she began to create a first of its kind, super-foil cosmetic line that goes on moist and dries to a superior mold that is perfect for your eyelids and lips.


You can find ways of mixing and matching Lime Crime by visiting their exclusive website for ideas and tips. They also have a YouTube channel that is based on thousands of women around the world that are finding creative ways to use their color scheme. You can also find great products to go along with her makeup and hair dye line by visiting Dolls Kill for great clothing items and accessories. Their first time customers also get promotional offers that offer free shipping. Get a color that works right for you with the benefits of LC products. They offer a smooth transition from your day to night look and is completely safe for all skin types. Become a part of the Lime Crime rave today.


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